New To Crossview?

When you visit Crossview, you will be met at the door by one of our friendly greeters. They will be able to direct you to one of our Bible study classes, to the pre-school area (if you have children in that age group) or to the worship center.

It is very likely you will know someone here. If not, before you leave you’ll probably have made a new friend or two.  As far as what to wear, people who attend Crossview each week may arrive in a suit  or in blue jeans; just be comfortable when you visit.

On Sunday you will enjoy a blended worship, incorporating both the familiar hymns of the past and the “contemporary” music of today. There is an atmosphere of love and grace among the people. And, you will encounter God’s Word, the Bible, in a relevant and personal way.  On Wednesday evening, the atmosphere is the same, but the setting is more informal, focusing on more in-depth Bible study.

If you have been looking for a church, or you need a place to heal a hurting heart, or if you have questions about God, life or the Bible, we invite you to join us at Crossview Baptist Church. See you soon!